Humanoid – 30303 EP

What the fuck is this EP called? Digital versions are tagged as 30303 EP, Bandcamp and the 12″ say it’s Stakker Humanoid 30303, while the Bandcamp 12″ is listed as 303030. I really don’t know.

Ok, so the history. To celebrate the track’s 30th anniversary, it was re-recorded by Brian into a new breaks piece, with two new tracks as b-sides. Given the very gradual reappearance of Humanoid in the FSOLDigital catalogue at this point, with a couple of fairly complex acid tracks as well as some IDM pieces, on compilations, calendar albums and remixes, the very ‘old skool’ approach of this EP was unexpected.

The artwork is odd. While the 12″‘s labels include a couple of great graphics, mangling late ’80s Stakker graphics into more modern imagery (both sides featuring the now common five FSOLDigital logos), the disco bag the record comes in is plain red – understandable – but with a barcode and catalogue number exclusive to the release. Which begs the question (if you’ll pardon the misuse of the phrase): why not go further and actually create a picture sleeve? Gaz is credited for composition on the two new pieces, which is curious, although likely to be a joint songwriting credit rather than an indication of actual presence on the track.

It’s a decent EP, and very importantly, the first physical release of new Humanoid material since the 1980s, which is something worth celebrating in itself. As ever, FSOLDigital sent the records out first, with copies shipping more than three weeks before the general release date.

If there was a point where I noticed a significant change in fanbase activity, it would be this EP. Two new Humanoid tracks on a 12″ should have been a huge and exciting moment, but the thread on the FSOLBoard received six replies. The forum’s interaction levels had been dropping for some time, but this was the first time I noticed it being a real issue. The rise of social media has had a huge impact on fanbases, and FSOL’s has taken the toll as much as any.

Release date: 1st November 2018.

Other issues:
Stakker Humanoid
Stakker Humanoid ’92
Stakker Humanoid 2001
Stakker Humanoid (2007)
Stakker Humanoid 2007
Remixes EP
sT8818r Humanoid

12″ (FSOLD12001)
A. Stakker Humanoid
B1. Skatter
B2. Blunt

Digital download
1. Stakker Humanoid
2. Skatter
3. Blunt

‘Stakker Humanoid’ written by B Dougans.
‘Stakker Humanoid’ engineered and produced by Yage.
‘Skatter’ and ‘Blunt’ written by Brian Dougans / Gaz Cobain.
‘Skatter’ and ‘Blunt’ engineered and produced by Yage for EBV.
‘Stakker Humanoid’ published by Westbury Music Publishing.
‘Skatter’ and ‘Blunt’ published by Futuresong Publishing 2018.

Purchase from Bandcamp.
Purchase from FSOLDigital.

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