Humanoid – In Session 2-4th Nov 2018 Solid Steel (05/12/18)

By 2018, Humanoid was going from strength to strength, from compilation tracks, to remixes, to new releases, and finally to the first ever radio mix under the name. A 15 minute set, recorded live in Brian’s home studio, was included on DJ Food’s Solid Steel show in early December 2018.

“They’re coming from England, and their style is acid house. Enjoy… Humanoid!”
The mix opens with ‘Acid Ho’, a lo-fi acid number with a spoken sample saying “acid house”. After a number of fairly complex IDM pieces released as Humanoid, the Humanoid Sessions style of the mix was a bit of a surprise to fans, who weren’t expecting something with such a straight-forward ’80s acid sound. The track leads straight into ‘Spore’, which continues with the sound. The less acidic ‘Point Cloud’ carries on with the same tempo. ‘Co-Pilot’ returns to acid, and opens with an “FSOLDigital” sting. An almost funky remix of 808 State’s classic ‘Flow Coma’ follows – a track I’d imagine most fans would love to see released – and the mix closes on ‘Far Point’.

To date, three of the six tracks have been released, leaving the 808 State remix, ‘Acid Ho’ and ‘Point Cloud’ exclusives to the mix.

No bootleg has been widely shared, but the mix appears between 30:50 and 45:30 on the show, hosted on SoundCloud by Ninja Tune.

1. Acid Ho
2. Spore
3. Point Cloud
4. Co-Pilot
5. 808 State – Koma Flow (Humanoid Remix)
6. Far Point

Recorded live at 9L West.
Engineered by Yage for EbV.
FsolDigital Recordings.

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